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The origin of curling remains a mystery. However, we do know that the game existed in the early 16th century on the frozen ponds and lakes of Northern Europe and Scotland. The stones were shaped by Mother Nature so each stone was unique. The stones would deflect when thrown and players would use brooms to clear debris and snow from the path.

The Scots made history in Montreal in more ways than one. They brought a game that, to the uninitiated, may have seemed a little strange. Curling was originally quite rudimentary, with unwritten rules and traditions. The players - split into two teams - had to slide a stone to a specific target on the ice. Whoever came closest to the goal won the game.

Over time, granite stones replaced the homemade ones and curlers also used brooms to move their stones. Curling first appeared in Canada in the late 18th century and in 1807 the first curling club in Canada opened in Montreal.



On this cold February day in 1855, curlers throw their stones. Other Montrealers took advantage of the winter to skate on the frozen river in front of Notre-Dame Basilica.

Two centuries after its importation, curling has a strong following in Canada, but today it is played on indoor ice and... with slightly stricter rules than in the past. Today, curling is a sport of strategy, finesse, and strength, pitting two teams of four against each other. The goal is simple, get your stone as close to the "button" in the center of the "house" as possible. Curling is fun for players of all levels and ages.

The game is governed by respect, honor, and tradition. Curling is a social sport and you will always be welcomed on the rinks around the world. Tradition dictates that after each game the players get together to discuss strategy and good shots.

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The Town of Mount Royal Curling Club is located just minutes from the future Canora and Ville de Mont-Royal stations of the new REM. The Club provides an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment for all members and the general public to enjoy curling. The Club is committed to developing skills, promoting sportsmanship, providing competitive opportunities and building lasting friendships.

The Club has six quality sheets with various day and evening leagues, providing excellent playing conditions for curlers of all levels.  The Club welcomes competitive members, novices and all individuals who share a passion for curling.

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