The general rules of Curling Canada apply generally to all leagues unless otherwise specified by the league official. All players are asked to review the Curling Canada General Rules (Curling Section - Rules)

Any concerns regarding these rules should be directed first to the League Manager and then to the League Director, if applicable.


All games officially start at the time indicated on each league's schedule.

If ice preparation causes a delay, then the official start time becomes the time the ice is released by the Ice Technician.

The official clock is the one located in the playing area above the scoreboards.

A maximum playing time is imposed for each session. This rule dictates, among other things, if a new end can be started. For leagues with 2 playing sessions, no end may be started if the next playing session is scheduled within the next 15 minutes. For the 9:00 p.m. game session, no end may start after 11:15 p.m.

Note: During the playoffs, there is no time limit.

If a team delays the start of a game, either because of a missing player or by choice, the other team will be awarded 1 point and 1 end for every 10 minutes of delay; the non-offending team will also get the hammer by default in the first real end. After 30 minutes of delay, the victory will be awarded to the non-offending team.


In order to play, a team must be composed of at least 3 players, of which at least 2 are part of the regular team.

Substitutes may play on a team. Teams are responsible for finding substitutes when necessary. If a substitute has started the game and a regular player shows up, the regular player may take the substitute's place at the beginning of the next end.

A regular player of a team composed of 5 or 6 players may substitute in another team during the same game session as long as 4 regular players are playing for his team. In addition, the player who replaces on another team will not be allowed to play against his own team.

For Monday night and Thursday night leagues, substitutes may only play in the first or second position and may not be in a higher position than the player being replaced.

For the Saturday morning league, substitutes may play the same position as the person being replaced. If there are two substitutes, one of them must play the first position.

In other leagues, substitutes may play any position, except during the playoffs.

Each player on a team, including a substitute, may have the role of captain or vice-captain.

Any changes to a team must be approved by the League Manager (or League Director) at least 24 hours prior to the game.

Teams are responsible for recording their scores in the designated area on the scoreboard. If results are not entered by the end of the current round, the offending teams will be awarded 0 points.

For leagues with two game sessions, the losing teams are responsible for cleaning their respective ice in order to assist the ice technician for the next session.


Practice sessions on league ice must end at least 5 minutes prior to the official start time of games. In order not to damage the ice prematurely for upcoming games, players practicing are limited to two stones in each direction.

No player may practice on the ice on which their upcoming game is scheduled.

No practice is permitted on league ice prior to a second session game on weeknights (Monday and Thursday) to avoid delaying the work of the ice technician.

Non-league ice (or any other event) may be used for practice without restriction. However, all members are encouraged to use the ice appropriately.


The notice must be given to the opposing team and the league official at least 24 hours prior to the game. A rescheduled game must be played before the last day of the current round.

Teams not complying with this rule will automatically be given a loss, while non-offending teams will be given a win.

A team with two or more players playing in a provincial or national competition may request a postponement of a game during that event without penalty. In such a case, the team must obtain prior approval from the League Manager or League Director.


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